10 Tips to Design a Killer Flyer

10 Tips to Design a Killer Flyer

To quickly promote your products and services to a localized audience, nothing beats the distribution of flyers!

However, designing a flyer and distributing it requires a lot of organization, and requires real know-how. Today, Stripeland ‘guides you in the distribution and creation of flyers through a series of tips. To succeed in your flyer campaign, follow them carefully! 

Specify your needs

Like any commercial operation, the creation of a flyer must be part of a global strategy. Before anything else, you will therefore need to define your current needs and determine how your flyer will best meet those needs.

Is it about celebrating the opening of your store? To promote a new product? Talk about an event you are organizing?

Your flyer should respond to a current issue for your business, and follow a concrete objective. Without it, there is a good chance that you will waste time and money on some fruitless communication action. 

Determine your target

The design of a flyer cannot be done without having previously determined its target. Any self-respecting graphic designer will demand to know precisely the target targeted by the advertiser before proposing a flyer visual. Indeed, the flyer’s message, like its visual, must be designed to reach a specific target.

Depending on how you send your flyer and the intended target, you will adapt its visual and the information offered accordingly.

Prioritize information

Now that you have clearly defined your target and your objective, it is time to work on the message of the flyer. The design of the flyer will indeed require a certain commercial fiber so that the message is clear and encourages the purchase. You should list the different information you want to provide (address, slogan, commercial offer, etc.), then rank them by importance.

Creating a flyer will necessarily require being concise and precise in the information to be delivered. It’s up to you to highlight the most important messages and not to forget any information!

Encourage purchase

Let’s not hide the obvious, the purpose of flyer design is of course sales. Therefore, consider making your flyer a commercial tool and not just an informative flyer. To do this, broadcast a message that directly affects the target, and encourages them to perform an action.

Use a direct catchphrase (“Discover”, “Don’t miss”, etc.) and encourage specific action. The more directive your message, the more impact your flyer will have. 

Create urgency

To get an effective flyer, you need to create an emergency effect. Indeed, if you are content to deliver a message, there is a good chance that the target does not feel directly concerned, or ends up forgetting it.

On the contrary, if you encourage immediate action, with an emergency effect, your flyer will trigger many reactions. A good way to create an emergency effect is a promotion or a discount for a limited time. If the presentation of the flyer allows your target to reap benefits (promotion, free product, etc.), people will be more inclined to keep the flyer, and therefore to respond to your call to action. 

Take care of your visual

Naturally, flyer design requires real graphic care. In addition to the importance of the message, the visual will directly attract the attention of prospects. The graphic care given to your flyer will also testify to the seriousness of your business.

On the contrary, a poorly groomed visual will give your business a bad image, and will not encourage reading or buying. For this reason, it is recommended to go through a professional graphic designer for the design of a flyer.

Use your graphic charter

In addition to the choice of a neat visual, do not forget that the creation of a flyer must respect the graphic charter of your company. This naturally goes through the choice of colors, but also by incorporating your company’s logo and slogan.

Thinking about using your company’s graphic charter for each flyer print will allow you to impose your identity, and to be recognized. Because of this, even prospects who haven’t responded directly to your call-to-action will remember your business.  

Test your flyer

Printing a flyer in large quantities requires a certain budget. It is therefore better to be sure of the quality of your flyer before going to print. So always remember to test the visual of your flyer before. Indeed, it would be a shame to discover that your flyer is not convincing after having printed it!

This also applies to spelling and layout: systematically reread your flyers, and have others proofread them so as not to miss any errors. Before printing, check that your graphic designer has complied with the printer’s recommendations.

Take care of your impression

Your visual has been carefully designed and tested on its target, there will only be one step left to perfect the design of your flyer: its printing. Indeed, for your flyer to appear as professional as possible, it is advisable to choose a professional printer, and to choose a suitable medium. Depending on the quality of the paper chosen, your flyer will be more or less shiny or more or less resistant.

It’s up to you to choose what your flyer should look like depending on its target. While there’s no point in printing a simple flyer on card stock and laminate paper, opting for low-quality paper can give your prospects the wrong impression. So opt for a heavyweight paper to improve your brand image.


Remember the law

To end our article dedicated to the creation of flyers, it should be remembered that the distribution of prospectuses is governed by specific laws. Thus, your flyer must necessarily include the words “Do not throw on the public highway”. It would be a shame to forget this mention when designing the flyer, and therefore to have to add it in a hurry when printing.  

By following our 10 flyer design tips to the letter, you are guaranteed to optimize the efficiency of your flyer creation! If you have any questions about graphic design or flyer printing, please feel free to post a comment or contact us.

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